Building Tomorrow's Church is a one of a kind event geared towards Reformed Baptist young adults—singles and married couples, ages 18 to 30-something—who desire to learn more about the importance of the local church and how to serve Christ through it.

BTC is a ministry of Grace Covenant Church in Gilbert, Arizona, and operates under the oversight of the GCC elders.


The Building Tomorrow’s Church conference ministry, or BTC, was established for the purpose of encouraging young adults who are professing believers, specifically those in the larger Reformed Baptist community throughout North America, to love Christ and to love that which Christ loved and died for—His bride, the Church.

It is vital that today’s young people continue in the footsteps of the passing generation, their parents and grandparents in the faith, and stay faithful to God in their doctrine and practice. The goal of BTC is to see this generation of young people filled with a sincere enthusiasm for strengthening the body of Christ by pursuing godly living, confessing biblical truths, and actively serving in local churches.


Jim Renihan

BTC is a one-of-a-kind conference ministry designed by Reformed Baptists for Reformed Baptists. We make no apologies for standing upon a confessional foundation (the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith) as we seek to interpret the Word of God and apply it to our lives. This shows up most prominently in both our speaker selection and target audience. The speakers we invite are men who subscribe to the 1689 Baptist Confession, and our target audience are young adults from Reformed Baptist churches.


BTC fun

Genuine, potentially life-long friendships are born every summer at BTC. Many of the BTC attendees come from relatively small churches in various corners of the continent; but at BTC they are introduced to other Christians who share similar beliefs and belong to similar confessional Baptist congregations. We thank the Lord for what He has done through this conference to bring like-minded young believers from churches across North America together each year.


BTC breakout session

Biblical Truth is the foundation of the ministry of BTC. Whether it's the preaching, the song singing, the breakout session discussions, or conversations across the table during meals, at BTC, we emphasize authentic Christianity. In practice, this often means that we encourage young people to dig deep into their Bibles; to go to their pastors with questions and concerns; to serve in their local churches; and to seek godly counsel from wiser brothers and sisters in Christ. More than anything, at BTC the message of the Gospel of Christ is the focus. Plain and simple. And real.

I was completely blown away by the weight and seriousness of the teaching... I am still processing through the richness and depth of truth presented!”
— BTC15 Attendee